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Improve Inventory Management Through Blockchain Technology 

Inventory management plays a significant role in the manufacturing business. Robust inventory management helps a manufacturer in preventing the accumulation of dead stocks and minimizing the blockage of financial resources. It involves the uninterrupted movement of stocks from the point of origin to the point of sale. 

However, the manufacturers are unable to bring efficiency to the supply chain due to internal and external factors, and inventory management falls prey to understocking or overstocking. Here are a few tips to help manufacturers improve their inventory management using blockchain technology and bring efficiency to their supply chain.

Track and Trace:  Blockchain-enabled end-to-end track and trace by Blokchi empowers the manufacturers to oversee the product’s journey from the point of origin to the end consumer. The NFT QR code tagging on products updates the movement of products on every scan across the supply chain and raises an alarm if there is any suspicious activity.

Stop Counterfeiting: Temper-proof and hackproof QR coding generated by Blokchi uncovers the hoax products on a single scan and curbs the circulation of fake products in the supply chain. It protects the brand’s reputation and integrity and builds a favorable image among customers. 

Curb Hoarding: 

Accumulation of dead stocks is a serious problem for most manufacturers not only because of mismanagement in inventory movement but due to the vested interest of stakeholders in the supply chain to get benefit from future price increases. 

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