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Indian stock market investment tips


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Get the best Indian stock market investment tips!

Many people become lazy and ignorant when they are told that they need to invest their money in the stock market. Stock markets are one of the best ways to invest your money. It is very heartwarming that you want to learn about stocks and are willing to put your money in the right place. But do not rush the process, otherwise, you will lose your money. Take some rest and read the full article on Indian stock market investment tips.

There are many posts that you can read online about tips and tricks, but it is very hard to trust them. Many of them give very risky advice, which you should avoid when you are a beginner. What you must focus on is playing it safe and the old ways in the beginning, and with time, as you gain confidence, you can start taking risks. This is what many traders do.

How to choose the best Indian stock market investment tips?

When you decide you want to trade in a stock market, you are basically saying that you want to invest your money for a short period of time. Which generally refers to less than a year. Time can go from 1 month to 1 year. Therefore, people buy stocks for the purpose of selling them back again. It is a risky play, but if you play it right, you will have so much return in your hand. Read the below tips to minimize the probability of loss in your investments.


It is a small but major problem with people. They do not know the difference between a trader and an investor. That is why it is the first thing that you should learn in this article. When it comes to traders, a trader will buy and sell stocks within minutes, hours, or months. While an investor believes in long-term gains, he holds his stocks for about a year before selling them.

Before you get into the game of the stock market, understand what you want to become first. Otherwise, you will drown easily in this river. Both trading and investing are different games. The tips you will read in trading will not work in investing. So pick a side. Do not be stuck in the middle.


Once you have chosen your sides now in the next step you should understand your playground. Study about the BSE, NSE, Sensx, and nifty. Learn what other investors or traders do, how to predict the market, and other things that come in handy later.

Many people get excited and, in order to make a quick buck, they skip the basics and, in the end, have a huge loss on their hands. The basics are very important. Without knowing them, you would not be able to make profits. You might get lucky and have a few profits, but in the long run, it will be devastating.


One of the vital parts of the stock market game is choosing a stockbroker. There are a huge number of stockbrokers present in every country. Choosing the correct one can be very overwhelming, especially for a beginner. Focus on multiple factors like reputation, software, and brokerage to finalize your decision.

Always read the terms and conditions of the brokerage and how much you have to pay them. Because you will have to pay the price regardless of profit or loss. So make sure you choose a brokerage that has a very low fee. The brokerage can either be a flat fee or some part of your trade.


Lack of money is one of the most common problems for stock market traders or investors. To reduce this problem, stockbrokers offer a solution called the margin facility. A stockbroker will give you a 5x margin, which means if you have 1 lakh rupees, you will be able to buy stocks worth 5 lakh. However, when you trade with margin, you are required to pay at the end of the day.

This facility is important for professional traders or investors. Beginners should stay away from it. As a beginner, you might put that much money in the wrong stock, and you will use it all and get in debt. As a beginner, it is your responsibility to avoid losses as much as possible because they might affect your confidence. So if you are a beginner, do not use this facility. Invest to your capability so you might end up with debt.


If you are a person with a salary, you are not capable of checking the stock market every minute. In this case, it is best that you become a long-term investor rather than a trader. Because you are a trader, you need to check the market every minute in order to gather the maximum profit.

First, you should understand the market in order to be a professional trader and reduce your losses. Experts advise it to buy a little and then work your way up in investment. You have to understand how different types of orders work in order to be a knowledgeable trader. If you are looking for how to invest in stocks for beginners with little money, it is better to stick to normal and stop-loss orders. Normal orders can only be placed if you have the required capital for the purchase available in your trading account.


You can make money in the stock market, even when the price of a stock is falling. Known as short-selling, it is the opposite of placing a buy order. With a buy order, you first purchase the shares at a particular price and then sell them at a different, probably higher price. The difference in price, multiplied by the number of shares you have purchased, will be your profit.

With short-selling, you first place a sell order at a particular price and then buy the same, probably at a lower price. The difference in price, multiplied by the number of shares sold, will be your profit. While short-selling allows you to take advantage of a falling market, you should avoid using it when you are still new. Master the basic buy-and-sell order first before experimenting with sell-and-buy.


Another valuable stock market investing tip for beginners is to avoid trading stock derivatives. They mostly made the derivatives market up of futures and options. These are contract-based purchases that have a fixed expiry date. Just like the margin facility, the derivatives market looks very attractive as it allows you to make bigger purchases with little capital.

For instance, you can purchase a futures contract for SBI with only a margin of about Rs. 2 lakhs at the current price of Rs. 360. One futures contract for SBI contains 3000 shares. Purchasing 3000 shares of SBI in the cash market at the price of Rs. 360 each would cost you more than Rs. 10 lakhs. While professional traders regularly trade derivatives, they are not for beginners.


While the stock market can be highly rewarding, and a lot of people have made a fortune just from the market, it is not for everyone. Successful stock trading and investing require a lot of knowledge, skills, experience, and discipline, and not everyone has or can develop these qualities.

One of the most important stock market trading tips for beginners is to stay away from the market if you have tried it a few times, but things failed to work in your favour. If you are still interested in the stock market, you can consider investing in equity mutual funds. These funds invest your money in the stock market, and experienced professionals manage the portfolio.

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