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Don’t Be A Pressure Cooker For UP Lekhpal Exam


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Exam anxiety is common, particularly if you're feeling pressure from friends or family. Exam stress can make you feel worried or depressed, which may have an impact on how well you sleep or what you eat. TheUP Lekhpal Exam 2022 is going to be conducted on 31st July 2022 and the competition is very high.

You are not alone if you experience any of these emotions or worry that the stress of exams is affecting your daily life. Here are some ways you can try:

  1. Take help from your close ones

If you're having trouble, tell your family and close friends so they can be your support, encouragement, and listening ear. You do not need to experience this alone. Don't be afraid to open up since keeping everything within will just make things worse in the long run.

  1. Seek assistance

Be honest with yourself about all the tangible assistance you require. You're free to solicit assistance. Discuss your worries with your instructor or tutor, who can inform you of the support that your school, college, or university can provide. They will have previously spoken with several students who are experiencing comparable issues.

  1. Try joining a study group.

It can be beneficial to work through issues with other students in order to maintain your social life and enhance your enthusiasm.

  1. Take care of yourself.

Consider everything you have accomplished so far. Making a list of all the qualities you appreciate about yourself and those of other people might be useful. If someone close to you are placing pressure on you, such as your parents or family, it can be helpful to let them know what you believe you are capable of and that your expectations differ from theirs. You might also discuss the pressure you're facing at home with a teacher you trust.

How important self-care is

You've definitely heard the term "self-care," but what does it actually entail? Self-care is, to put it simply, the tiny things we do to take care of our own mental health. You might feel that you don't have time for self-care or that you need to spend all of your time studying if you're anxious about examinations. Even while revision is obviously necessary, you will find it more difficult to study if you don't take the time to take care of yourself by eating healthily, getting enough sleep, and giving yourself time to relax by engaging in activities you enjoy, like gaming or meeting friends. We all require a break occasionally because we are not machines.

Therefore, be careful to account for time to take care of yourself while planning how to use your free time before exams. You deserve it.

Remember that your academic performance does not sum up who you are. You might be the family's go-to comedian, the one your friends ask for life guidance, or something else.

Make a list of all the things in life that you don't want to take exams. You may therefore see that exams reflect only a small portion of the whole picture.


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